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Welcome to!  First of all I would just like to say Thank You to all of my amazing adoptive families.  Over 50% of my kittens go to repeat customers.  Thanks so much for providing such great homes to my babies and for all of the great updates and photos as they grow.  You all are amazing!!!

We are a small family based cattery located in Minnesota.  Raising Ragdolls is not a way of life for us, but a passion.  Our kittens are raised underfoot and handled daily. We take pride in our well-socialized kittens.  Many of our kittens begin purring at just 3 weeks old.  These kittens are hugged and kissed everyday. They are a part of our family before they become part of yours. Ragdolls are a very special breed of cat.  They are the pefect family pet.  Ragdolls are a very relaxed/laid-back cat, hence their name.  They love to be held and pet.  They have long coats of bunny soft fur with bright blue eyes.  Their long fur never mats.  Ragdolls come in many colors and we have just about every color imaginable.  

Our Ragdoll kittens go to their homes usually between 10-12 weeks old.  Most around 10-11 weeks.  Ragdolls mature a little slower than most other breeds and need a little more time before going to their new home.  All of our kittens
have their first set of vaccinations and possibly their second  (depending on age) and have been wormed before leaving.   All of our adult cats and kittens are registered through the TCA and many of my adult cats are Champion Stock.  All kittens will come with a new kitten starter pack!!!

If you can afford it, we recommend buying 2 kittens at once.  Ragdolls do best with a companion and even better with a littermate.  They are very social loving animal and if you have to be gone alot during the day it would be nice for him/her to have a playmate:)

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